Wednesday, 11 May 2016 06:55

Kobe Bryant

You were my favorite player. You were one of the 3 men for which I still root for in sports, along with Roger Federer and Valentino Rossi. Soon enough, I`ll only be left with my football club, Dinamo Bucharest, which I know does not deserve a spot in the same sentence as you.

It was a privilege to see you play. Writing this, I feel just like the 12 year old that fell in love with basketball because of you. Watching your last match, I felt just like the people who are proud, to this day, that they have seen Michael Jordan in action.

60 points and winning single-handedly a game that seemed lost, at 37 years old, in your last outing? You sent us back 10 years ago. You could not have written this. You had the greatest farewell performance I have ever seen. Ever!Kobe Bryant retire