Friday, 18 September 2015 12:46

Tim Brando: Nick Saban retiring to broadcast booth would be 'good for game'

The evolution has coaches, even Alabama coach Nick Saban, trying to stay ahead of the game. But Fox Sports broadcaster Tim Brando said Saban would be better off retiring to become a broadcaster.

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"He’s got to get out of coaching and go up to the booth at ESPN pretty soon," Brando said on "The Audible" with Bruce Feldman and Stewart Mandel. "The game has evolved into an area that he is not comfortable anymore."

Brando, who has known Saban for years, thinks Saban can do more for the game in the broadcast booth than on the field.

“I get the sense that he is setting himself up for an early exit from coaching and to be in a position to where he can wield even more power as a great spokesman for the game," Brando explained. "I think after a few years of (being in the booth) he becomes the final word on this or that. He could impact the game similarly to say a (Bill) Parcels impacted the NFL, become sort of a guru, if you will, for other coaches."

Brando said having Saban, 62, in the booth is what's best for college football.

"I think Nick sees himself as that and, frankly, I think he would be very good at it," he said. "It would be good for the game if that would be the direction he wanted to go in. The most accomplished coach that becomes a member of the media. We haven’t really had that in college football through the years."

If there is any merit to Brando's comments, Saban has made headlines in the past for his negative opinions on cost-of-attendance stipends, satellite camps and the four-team playoff. But it's unlikely to warrant an early exit from the highest-paid coaching deal that has him under contract through Jan. 31, 2022.

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